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My Psalms

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AMAZING time with working the extraordinarily talented film maker, photographer and all round swell guy, Sidney Diongzon… “THE GIRL IN CHAINS” is a collaborative project, it bring together Sid’s incredible talents behind his camera, a new piece I recently wrote and a shard passion to see end of the volatile industry of human trafficking. Its a problem which is real, destroying lives and growing daily. We want this visual poem to BLOW UP when we release it, to make some real noise online, creating more conversation about the issue, encouraging more action and challenging more hearts! Be a part of it!


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Finished the shoot for “The girl in chains” - Can not wait for you guys to see this!

I was working with the incredibly talented Sidney Diongzon - You can find more of his work here..


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Honing his skills whilst studying music in Bristol, Smith is currently trans-morphing his 20 year old life into the form of evocative rhythm and poetry. The result is a smoothie-like blend, concocting the musical fruits of Hip-Hop, Folk, Jazz and Funk, though this is far from any ready-meal made from concentrate musical experience. Despite his modest age, Smith has a wealth of life experience to draw upon, from his early years in the missionary community of northern Pakistan, to various cities spanning the length and breadth of the UK.

Now, with his feet firmly on the ground Joshua Luke Smith passionately pursues new heights of musical and poetic creativity. With EP title track ’The Train’ already gaining BBC and international radio airplay, 2011 is gearing up to be a fruitful year! Stay Tuned…

"I’m glad this was forward to me, Really enjoyed listening to it. I hope someone does sign you!" - Foy Vance

"Brilliant Josh, Thanks so much for that. Loving your flow" - Tom Robinson, BBC Music Presenter

Stephen - EP by Joshua Luke Smith